People think ‘You Only Live Once’ and that automatically gives them a free pass to do whatever they want. However stupid, however insane, however unjust or however lazy, everything gets justified under this canopy of YOLO.

How about thinking about it this way? YOLO YODO! Yeah, YODO. ‘You only die once.’

YODO implies that, while the goal of fun can still be achieved, the person recognizes the responsibilities they have. ‘You Only Die Once’ calls into play the fact that the ‘YOLO’ choices made do have an end result. YOLO mentality is selfish and it’s disgusting. Whereas YODO mentality is responsible and encourages us to take smart and righteous decisions.

While YOLO focuses on living on living in the moment. YODO emphasises on the need to think of the implications of your doings. Using acronyms like ‘YOLO’ and statements like: “I’m not hurting anyone, I just want to be happy!” are what cause people to lose sight of life and the future. Life isn’t about you, it isn’t about me, it’s about everyone. What you do does matter, who you are does matter, you matter and so does every other person. If we all ‘YOLO’, would the world be a happy place?

Imagine a world, where everybody is self-centered and nobody gives a shit about how others would feel. Would you want to live in a world where you are not treasured? Where you are not a preference? Where your choices are restricted to yourself and nobody else? Where nobody could make anybody happy?

Such a gloomy place to live in, right? No friends! Just some self-sufficient machines around.

So leave a little sparkle wherever you go. Paint this world red. Don’t live once.

Live everyday and die once. Accomplish things daily. Live happily daily. Live fully before you die. Use everyday like an opportunity to make memories, to do something good, to do something worthwhile.

Leave a trail of your existence for others to cherish. Self obsession or YOLO are for no good.