When we are feeling low, everything seems uninteresting. All we want to do is stay back at home, curl up in our comforter and stick to our beds. In the meanwhile, nothing can be done because we don’t feel like doing anything at all. Each one of us goes through days that are hard on us, days on which nothing feels right. However, accommodating those negative thoughts isn’t any solution.

So here, I’ve prepared a list of the TO-DOs for whenever your spirit is down in the dumps. Check ’em out.

  • Stop going hard on yourself. When we feel low, it is quite normal for us to curse ourselves for not getting things done the right way. Realise that it wasn’t your fault. Something’s are just not meant to happen and while something’s are meant to happen, they are just not meant to stay. Believe in yourself and all else will follow.
  • Get up and get going. The best way to undo a bad mood is to get up and move your butt. Go to gym for a workout, turn on the volume and do some dance moves, go out for a walk or do whatever is convenient for you. Just get moving!
  • Surround yourself with your loved ones. When you’re in a blue, family and friends might give you a clue. (that just rhymed :P) What I mean here is, Sometimes all you need is a friend or a close family member to listen to you and help you get some stuff off your chest. Pick up your phone, call them up or go meet them in person.
  • Laugh it out. Watch a comedy scene or a stand up comedian on youtube or a funny movie. Our brain behaves how we want it to behave. You trick your brain into laughing and happy hormones will get released making you even happier and lifting up your mood.
  • Eat healthy. When we are stressed, what do we binge eat? You are right! JUNK FOOD. What should we do rather? Eat healthy! Grab on some nuts or salads and munch on them. It makes you feel better and you feel good about yourself for eating healthy.
  • Do something exciting. Think of what excites you? Is it a bike ride, a long drive, a dessert, or a shopping spree? Do whatever makes a dull day exciting for you.

These tips are surely going to help you lift yourself up in your not-so-good days. These are effortless techniques that can be tried and I promise, you won’t regret.

Have a good day!