MORNINGS are the most productive time of the day. There is no unnecessary hustle or distraction. Most of the people are asleep and you can accomplish almost any task first thing in the morning. But mornings can be really stressful as well. The stress of looking after a good whole day can make us restless.

So, here are 5 ways to reduce the morning stress.

  • Plan the day a night before. Taking out 20-30 minutes the previous night can really help manage the next morning efficiently. Iron your clothes in advance, plan out the day, write down the top three most important tasks for the day etc.. This will save time and save you from the unnecessary hustle bustle the next day. So, plan it out well in advance.
  • Wake up 30 minutes early. Wake up earlier than the usual routine and use this time to work out or to do yoga. Exercise not only keeps you mentally fit but it also keeps you happy because it releases endorphins, the happiness hormones. You can also use this time to have a healthy breakfast, which is otherwise skipped by you because you are always running late. You can also focus on accomplishing the most important scheduled for the day first thing in the morning. This will give you a boost of confidence, a sense of accomplishment and will also set the right tone for the rest of the day.
  • Drink a cup of honey and lemon in warm water. Take a cup of warm water and put a tsp honey and lemon juice in it. Drink it on empty stomach. This keeps obesity at bay by starting the metabolism in the right way. Honey being an anti-bacterial keeps infections away and the vitamin C in lemon juice strengthens the immune system. Alternatively, you can also drink a glass of warm water or water. This will keep you hydrated and help your metabolism function in a better way. This habit also helps with easing the bowel movement and keeping constipation away.
  • Get a good sleep the previous night. When you don’t get enough sleep, you tend to feel tired the next day and the feeling of fatigue stops you from giving your best. Go to bed early if you have to get up early the next day. Take good 7-8 hours of sleep. Avoid drinking coffee or tea just before bed because they would disrupt the sleep cycle and lead to insomnia.

Make a realistic plan. Make a realistic plan for the day whenever you plan it out. If you make unrealistic plans for the day, you will feel stressed about it early in the morning. The stress of making it through the day would give you unnecessary stress when you wake up. So, make a realistic plan for the day. Keep only top three most important things in your list and accomplish them before going to the bed.