There are days when you feel low and motivation is down in the dumps. Thankfully, there are some effortless strategies that can instantly lift up your mood. So, in this article, I’m going to talk about such tricks that will help you brighten up your mood instantly.

  • Listen to upbeat music. Our mood is highly influenced by the type of music we listen to. Listen to sad songs and it would make you feel sad and low. On the other hand, listening to up-beat and happy songs, makes you feel like that. The better the beats, the better the mood. So, the next time you feel low, your automatic instinct would be to listen to soothing and calming song. But hey, don’t do that. That would make you feel even more upset. Try listening to some upbeat, party-like music for an instant boost of mood and enthusiasm.
  • Resort to comedy. Comedy always comes to the rescue when the mood is sad. Watch a video or two of your favourite comedian on YouTube or watch funny clips and see how your mood lightens up.
  • Eat something healthy. Whenever we are sad, we resort to the human tendency of binge eating fries and other junk food. All the oily and fried food slows down the metabolism and makes your tummy upset. On the other hand, if you eat eat something healthy like a salad or frozen yoghurt etc, your tummy would thank you. Also, when we are eating, we send good signals to the brain. The brain tends to relax and this leads to reduction in the stress.
  • Be grateful. When we are feeling sad, it is natural to think of the failures and the setbacks that have happened to us. This in turn would make us feel like a loser and would make our mood worse. What should you do then? Think of the things that you have achieved in life like your past success or achievements. Think of the things that you already have in your life but are usually ignored like a roof over your head, good meals three times a day, good clothes to wear etc. being grateful makes you realise the value of things that you otherwise take for granted. The feeling of accomplishment that comes with gratitude always lifts up the mood.
  • Acknowledge your journey. When you feel like a total failure, take time to reflect on your journey. You will realise that you have come very far from where you started. You had a journey full of ups and downs but you made through it all. You stood strongly against all odds and sailed through the rough times. All this would definitely make you strong, give you a sense of accomplishment and lift your mood instantly.
  • Talk to someone close. Sometimes, all we need is a shoulder to cry on. Call up your best friend or someone you are very close to like your sister, mother or your partner. Talk about it, open up. Cry if you want to. Just vent it all out. The relief that comes when you vent out your worries instantly lifts up your mood. Your focus becomes clear and you are ready to find solutions to your problems all by yourself!


So, these are some instant tricks. There is no one-formula suits all kind of trick here. Find the one that works for you. Don’t forget to share it with us.

Good day! 🙂