Top 3 causes and cures for procrastination



Procrastination is everywhere. In fact I have a confession to make, I am a PRO in procrastination. All of us are aware of how procrastination is disguised as happiness but is actually stealing us of our happiness and peace of mind. It’s high time that we find the causes and cures of it.

Here’s presenting to you an article on what are the top 3 causes and proven cures to procrastination. Have a look.

  • No motivation. When motivation is down in the dumps, we don’t feel like doing anything and every small task appears to be a daunting one. We make excuses to putting it off until next time. But does this really help? No. By doing this, we are only postponing the work and not getting done with it. The deadline and stress of the pending task looms over our head and robs us of happiness. When you are lacking motivation, you are probably looking at the task by calculating how much time and efforts it would require. What you should be rather doing is, figuring out the rewards that you would get in return once the task is completed. For example- you might want to complete a task early because you will be getting a bonus on its completion or you can yourself assign a reward for yourself after you are done with a task.
  • Uncertainty of outcome. Many times, we fear doing a task because we don’t know what the outcome would be and this uncertainty intimidates us. Other times, we fear failure and imagine people looking down at us. When this happens, ask yourself this question – “how many times has my imagination really come alive?” and you will figure out that most of time what you dreaded didn’t really happen and you had unnecessarily cooked up wild thoughts in your mind. You will realise that you had done a lot of over-thinking on the subject and it wasn’t absolutely required. Instead of getting trapped in the vicious cycle of over-thinking and procrastination, just make small efforts towards the task at hand without thinking about the outcome. Give in your best without fear of failure and everything will fall into place.

Trying to do things ‘perfectly’. Whenever we have something important to accomplish, it is natural to urge a hint of perfectionism in that task. In wanting to accomplish things perfectly, we wait for the ‘perfect’ time, ‘perfect’ resources, ‘perfect’ company and everything perfect. In this process, we forget that stars will never align ‘perfectly’ and that the ‘perfect’ time might never come. There will always be something or the other on our plate and all this would make us put that important task off until eternity. In such a situation, don’t aim for perfection. Rather aim to accomplish small tasks in the right direction. The aim is never perfection but the task that is important to us. Perfectionism is just an excuse to put things off. If something is really important to you, work on it, no matter what. Don’t wait for the stars to align or the universe to make things easy for you. Just work on it with whatever resources you have and however much time you have.