Not all tasks on our TO-DO list are interesting or exciting but we have to get them done anyhow. We try to put them off until they get on our nerves and disrupt the functioning of other important tasks lined up for the day.

Here are some ways to get them done with ease. Check them out.

  • Focus on the benefits. Oftentimes, we focus our mind on how boring the task is, which makes us want to put it off. Try to focus on the benefits of it. Benefits of something are like rewards we get after getting the done. Focusing on the benefits acts like a motivation in getting the not-so-fun tasks done. And for the rare times when there are no benefits attached to a task but you have to get them done anyhow, don’t think about them much and take small steps to get them done. Just think about the sense of accomplishment you will get on successfully completing a daunting task!
  • Set up your timer. If you find it very difficult to get started with that not-so-fun task of yours, put a timer to it. Take out 15 minutes and set your timer to 15 minutes. Shut the distractions and just focus on that task for that time. 15 minutes is a very little time and won’t bother you much so working on it for 15 minutes is not a big deal. After the end of these 15 minutes, you are free to do anything! Just devote a mere 15 minute slot to it.
  • Reward yourself. When a task is very boring in itself, you can add an element of fun in it by promising yourself a reward after the completion of the task. Rewards act like motivation and create that drive in you for getting that task done. Reward can be anything like a dessert, or a break for 10 minutes or anything of your choice. Anything that would drive you in completing that task, just assign that reward to yourself after you complete the task!

These are some ways that ensure that you complete all the tasks on your TO-DO list irrespective of how boring they are. They are definitely going to help you get going. Definitely, worth a try!