Tips on time management


Time is a vital constituent of life. The best way to save time is to simply do things right the first time. Time managed well equals time saved effectively.

So, without wasting another moment, let’s get started with some effective time management tips.

  1. 80/20 rule to the rescue. Eliminate 20% of the things that cause 80% unhappiness to you. Choose those 20% things that bring 80% happiness to you and give you the desired outcomes. Focus on them and work on them wisely.
  2. Set your priorities straight. Don’t complicate your life by getting involved in things you don’t have to. Don’t take up more than you can handle. Focus on the most important tasks and say no to all else.
  3. Learn from your mistakes. Every mistake has a lesson to offer. Each mistake adds to your wisdom. This wisdom and experience will save you time, the next time you do something new because you already know which road is not to be taken.
  4. Write things down. If don’t write write things down, you are going to forget them. If you forget them, you are going to waste time trying to remember them. God knows how much time is that going to take (Read : WASTE). So, write things down and save time later.
  5. Learn to say NO more often. If you say yes to every request made to you, you will end getting involved in some time wasting tasks that wouldn’t hold any importance to you. Such tasks clearly waste time and leave you with no time for yourself. Your time is precious, start saying no to unwanted things.
  6. Say not to procrastination. This is the greatest time killer. The more you stay away from it, the happier and more accomplished you will be will. Don’t invite unnecessary stress by putting things off. Dedicate a deadline and get done with your tasks before it takes a toll on you.
  7. Say no to perfectionism. This positive word is of no good when it comes to work. Instead of trying to make things perfect, try to make them good enough. Instead of putting them off for the perfect time, do them now. Perfectionism is just an excuse, just do it!
  8. Stop over-analysing. Over-analysis eats up a lot of time and stops us from doing our work. Instead of wasting time in trying to analyse the pros and cons of something, focus on accomplishing that thing. Over-analysis would lead to stress and you will end up wasting time over something you didn’t even do!
  9. Live in the present. Obsessing over the past is as useless as trying to control the future. The past has happened and can’t be changed. The future hasn’t happened yet and is uncertain. Live in the present and make the best out of it. Don’t waste your time over the uncontrollable.

Single-task. When you focus all your attention on one task, you finish it in a lesser time than when you try to multi-task thinking that you will finish all the tasks simultaneously. Multitasking not only takes up longer time but also degrades the quality of each task. Single-task always to save time and deliver quality.