“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”
                                                                                                                                            -Jim Rohn

We have been discussing about habits since long. What habits to inculcate and what to give up. But changing a habit is not as easy as it seems. So, to ease things for you, mentioned below are some strategies which will help you stick to your new habits.

  • Accept that it won’t be easy. A common myth says that for a routine to become a habit, you have to do it consistently for 21 days. However, this is not true. Sometimes it might take longer. It might be messier than it appears to be. It might include several attempts also. Enough said, it is not going to be a cake walk. You got to work for it. So, be prepared physically and mentally.
  • Find what suits you. There might be magazines and friends offering tried and tested advices that guarantee sure-shot results. But it isn’t necessary that the same technique would suit you. A certain set of exercises might have helped your friend lose weight. But you have a different body type and the same set of exercises might not benefit you. What i am saying is, don’t copy what your friends or some magazine has to say. Find your fit and work on that routine. Live by your rules.
  • Stop being fooled by the old habit. Stepping out of the comfort zone isn’t easy at all and isn’t welcomed by our mind. The thought of the discomfort and the pain in the transition really holds us back from changing a habit. This is the reason that we stick by our old habits irrespective of however much bad they are. But this is how change works. Your mind will offer resistance. Because it likes what is familiar. And because there were probably also some benefits that you got from your old habit.But you have to accept that you are giving up those benefits for the even better benefits of your new habit.
  • Choose improvement over perfection. When we aim something big, it is natural for us to think that bigger efforts are required to achieve such a big goal. For instance, to lose huge weight, one might consider rigorous workout to be the solution. However, the thought of this ‘rigorous’ workout is what holds one back from working out. Our efforts don’t have to be huge or perfect, they just have to consistence and feasible to keep us going. Even a daily workout of 30 minutes will help lose weight. Small but consistent steps towards the goal ensure improvement. Perfection only holds us back.
  • Don’t create a vacuum in your life. Instead of eliminating a habit altogether, just replace a habit with a newer one. For example, if you want to quit spending time on facebook; replace it with reading a motivational article. If you create a void in the place of older habit, it will be easier for it to return.


Continue with these strategies and soon you will find yourself in a loop of newer habits. Habits sure are difficult to change but definitely not impossible!