There are some things we wish we stopped doing for a better life. Same ways, there are some things we want to start doing for ourselves. Oftentimes, there is confusion on what to stop and what to start. This confusion leads to putting off this decision for later. So, today I’m here to share with you some things that you can stop doing and some things that you can start doing for a better life.

Things to stop doing-

  • Being lazy. Stop putting off work until the ‘right’ time. The right time is never coming. Stop waiting for somebody else to take care of things that really matter to you. Nobody is coming, everybody has a lot of things on their plate of their own. Be that some on and make a difference. Do it now and see the change.
  • Neglecting self-discipline. No one is going to look out for you every second.  No one is going to follow you around and say, “do that, don’t do that, get out of the bed, go for a workout, etc.” Make your own choices, stand up for yourself. Control your life before somebody else does.
  • Letting negativity drain you. Eliminate negative people, negative things, negative websites, negative influences from your life. They only drag you down and hold you back from performing. List out three sources of negativity and work on eliminating them from your life.
  • Belittling your efforts. If you fail in something, stop blaming it on yourself. Its’ not about you. You might not be happy with what happened, but look behind and you will realise how far you have come. Embrace your journey, don’t focus on the failure. Learn from it and move on.

Things to start doing-

  • Start living. Stop existing in this world. Make the best out of it. Do what you want to do. Whatever it is you decide to do with your life, LIVE it!  Get going!  Move forward, aim high, plan your takeoff.  Don’t just sit on the runway.
  • Taking risks. A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing actually grows there. Take risks, try something new. Enjoy the thrill. You might not succeed in it every time but the experience is worth it. It is always better to try it rather than regretting over what could have happened.
  • Nurturing your loved ones. Our family and friends are the people who love us without any expectations, without any conditions. The least you could do is give them your time and love in return. Nurture them, love them, help them and support them. That’s the best way to pay back.
  • Making time for yourself. All of us have a lot of things going on in our lives, that we forget to focus on ourselves. Pursue that passion, that hobby, go on that vacation you have been wanting to go since long. Make time for yourself. In the end, it’s all about you.


You can customise your own list, these are just some bullet points that might help you sort your own start/stop list. Hope this helps.