When our motivation is down in the dumps, it is natural to feel upset. As a result, negative thoughts start enveloping our mind. The feeling of failure and self-doubt starts upping and it becomes nearly impossible to lead a good day. The more we think, the worse it becomes. However, instead of thinking negatively and doubting ourselves, there are some things that we should recall when we are having a tough time. Well, if you really want to over-think, why not do it the right way? 😉

  • Put on somebody else’s shoes. Not literally, though :P. When you are having a bad time, try to think from somebody else’s perspective. How would some other person react in this lowly situation. Think of your bestfriend, your boy/girlfriend, your mom/dad or sibling. Somebody whose nature you are aware of. Try to enact the same situation by playing their role. Not only it would be a fun exercise to do but this would also provide you with a fresh new perspective of looking at the same situation. This new perspective would be helpful in finding a more holistic solution to your problem.
  • Scan the people around you. By doing so, you would know that everybody around you has a different problem of their own. This would shift your focus from yourself and you would realise how it’s not only you who is dealing with a tough time. Everybody is fighting a battle of their own and you have no idea about it. You might as well want to put on a brave face and deal with the situation without making a big deal out of it.
  • Focus on the NOW. Yes, I say this very very often but this really is the case with almost all of us. We are so much lost in replaying an argument that could be won in the past or re-living a happy moment or planning the future or fantasizing about the ideal life, that we lose connection with the present. Instead of focusing on ‘what is not’, we should focus on ‘what is’. We should be present in the moment, giving it our best. What has happened, can’t be changed and what is about to happen, can’t be controlled! So, concentrate on what is happening and what can be controlled. Focus on the NOW!
  • Complaining doesn’t help. Let’s admit it, we all complain. We have complaints about how demanding our jobs are, how arrogant our bosses are, how troublesome the maid is, how much time the traffic sucks, etc etc and so on till infinity. Amidst all this, little do we realise that complaining isn’t helping us in any way. The amount of time we spend whining isn’t worthwhile and isn’t making us happy either. All it does is eat up our time and drain us of our energy. What should we rather do is, instead of complaining, whining or crying over thinks that are troubling us or are disliked by us, we should think of solutions to make them better. For example, if the maid is troubling you, talk to her about what you don’t like, she might not be knowing it. Or else, find another maid. Complaining won’t help, solutions will!
  • Give it some time before giving it up. Oftentimes, we make hasty and uninformed decisions when it seems that things aren’t working out. Think it through before giving it up. Maybe the magic is about to happen. And if you give it up in a haste because of a frustrated mood, you might regret it big time, later. Sail through the tough time with patience. Like anything else, this too shall pass.


I’m sure these things would help you on those days when nothing seems to go right. You will be fine, I promise! 🙂