There are beliefs that are holding us back. Some of these beliefs were told to us in our early age by our elders and they are stuck in our mind till date, some got stuck in mind because of a failure/setback and we assumed it to hold true eternally. We assumed we can never succeed in the same thing that we failed in some time back. Some of these beliefs mushroom up because of self-doubt in our abilities. But all these beliefs have some things in common other than the fact that they are holding us back. What are these common grounds and how can they help us fight against such beliefs? Let’s get started.

  • Any belief that is holding you back can be easily proved as FALSE. Yes, you read that right. Just think of one belief that is holding you back. Think of the moments it has held you back. Now, think of one moment where you actually encountered something totally opposite of it. Some time, we think that we won’t be able to do a task because of this belief in our mind that is holding us back. But there come times, when we actually are able to do it and it comes as a surprise to us. We consider it as a coincidence or luck. But that wasn’t merely luck or a coincidence. So, think of that moment when you had a small victory over your belief. That was the moment where your belief was proved to be FALSE. And if it can happen once, it can happen any number of times.

And if such a moment hasn’t come yet, you can make it happen now. Its’ all in your head. So, go ahead prove it FALSE for your own self.


  • Our brain is wired to be afraid of failures, so it makes excuses. Often times, our failures or setbacks condition us in such a way that we stop trying. The fear of failures/setbacks holds us back from trying. If we have a past experience of a failure in something, our brain tends to make excuses to avoid discomfort to us. Nobody wants to fail and hence we stop trying. The biggest mistake that we can do is not trying something because of a past failure. Always remember, failure is a sign that we are trying. Learn from your failures and move ahead. If plan A doesn’t work out, don’t be disheartened as there are 25 more alphabets to go. There is no end of possibilities. The end of possibilities is our inability to think. So, think out of the box, from a new angle, try out new perspectives. There’s no end to it. Stop making excuses. Stop being fooled by the brain.


  • Belief is like a feeling and feelings can be altered. Simply put, a belief is a feeling. A feeling that we acquire when we fail, a feeling that has been taught to us by our elders or a feeling of fear of failure when we doubt ourselves. If we change our perspective, a feeling can be changed. If we are we feeling sad, we should alter it by doing something cheerful. If we are feeling incompetent, we should do something to gain a sense of accomplishment. If we have a belief that is doing us no good, we should prove it wrong, change our perspective and abandon it. All it needs is determination and a will to do it. If you think you can be lean because fat is in your genes. Bro! start working out for 15 minutes a day. Gradually increase the time to a comfortable limit. And you will be amazed how your belief of poor genes turns out to be wrong. It seems impossible because you don’t want to step out of your comfort zone whilst your mind makes excuses. Start small, prove it wrong and abandon that belief, once and for all!


Goodluck! 🙂