One of the those traits that everyone desires is none other than – Productivity. How we wish there was some magic spell like ‘Expelliarmus’ or ‘Avada Kedavra’ to become more productive. Unlike the popular notion, there is no such magic spell or magic potion that could make you more productive. It is just an array of some smart and consistent habits that can make anyone productive.

So, here are the things that productive people AVOID doing so as to maximize their productivity.

  • Waiting around. Stephen King once said, “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.” Waiting around for the ‘perfect’ to come is like training yourself to become a ‘PRO’ in procrastination. Challenge yourself to take actions ‘NOW’, time is never going to be ripe. Don’t wait-just do it!
  • Blaming others. It is very easy to point your fingers at someone else. Productivity builds when you start taking onus of your acts. When take responsibility of our own actions, we not only deliver our best. We are ready to work on mistakes and eliminate them as well. This doesn’t happen when we blame others. The onus of our actions shifts to somebody else and we learn nothing out of it.
  • Taking up more than you can do. Taking up too many things, affects our focus negatively. When we take up one thing at a time, all our focus is on that one thing. Conversely, trying to do too many things scatters not only our focus but our productivity as well. Trying to be the jack of all leaves us as the ace of none!
  • Focusing on the negative. Our brains are naturally hardwired to perform at their best not when they are thinking negative thoughts, or even neutral ones, but when they are thinking positive. Negative thoughts take up all energy and make us sorrowful. Our mood affects the way we work. Hence, working in a positive mood definitely adds to the productivity. So, banish negative thoughts!
  • Not acknowledging the small victories. Break your large projects into smaller tasks. Accomplish them step-by-step. Celebrate the small victories along the way. Keep the momentum going. This would give you a sense of accomplishment and keep you happy. And what does a happy mood do to you? Increase productivity! 😉
  • Being knowingly inefficient. Productive people keep themselves updated. If there is a better way to do things or a quicker way to do a tasks, productive people learn that new way and use it to make their lives more efficient. They don’t refrain themselves from the new technology or software, they learn them! After all, time/energy saved is time/energy utilized.
  • Saying yes to everything and everyone. Productive time and energy is not infinite.  Productive people know they must guard their time and energy. you don’t have to accept every great opportunity, meeting, get-to that you’re invited to.  When you’re working, remember that new opportunities can also mean distraction from your core priorities. Saying ‘NO’ is an essential part of being productive.


These are some habits that productive people stay away from. The reason being- they do more harm than good. They eat up your productive time and drain you of your energy. So keep these things while making decisions. Some of those might cost you your productivity!