Do you have all your vacations mapped out? Do you want to conquer the globe? But do you have second thoughts after calculating the expenses? Or are you afraid the vacation would make you lazy or less productive? Well, worry no more! Because a long, relaxing vacation is much more than just money. It adds a considerable value to our lives. It allows us to step outside ourselves, invigorating our minds with fresh ideas and alternative passions.  Sometimes we lose perspective in the daily grind, completely forgetting who we are outside of the routine.

Here are three reasons why you should go on a vacation.

  1. It revitalizes our mind and soul. Our weekly routines can wear us down. A worn down mind isn’t able to process the information at its best capacity. So, even though we are occupied with a lot of work, we aren’t being as productive as we can be. Completely removing yourself from the hectic weekly routine by immersing your senses in unfamiliar activities and environments allows the overworked parts of your brain to relax, while simultaneously stimulating the unused corners of your mind.
  2. It sparks creativity. The repetitive weekly routine stops our mind from exercising its creative side. Many physiologists have proven in their reports that taking a step away from your routine actually assists the mind in solving problems that exist within the routine in a better way. Simply put, our mind can realize the solutions to various problems when we are not even concentrating on them.  You ask how? Well, it has something to do with freeing our mind from the barriers that restrict creative thought while following a routine, thus allowing us to think more clearly.

It allows us to be ourselves. The fear of getting behind schedule, or letting other people trample over you, usually makes us forget whom we really are. Our likes and dislikes are over-shadowed by our fears and anxieties. All this prevents us from just being ourselves. Vacations rid us of these external tensions and allow us to act independently of the iconic image we are constantly forced to uphold. In the end, we must accept that our time on this planet is limited. Regardless of our accomplishments, if we are not content with our existence, we are not leading a productive life.