“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
                                                                                                                                                   – Aristotle

We all wonder, how can you get that work done in a way that is less stressful, less energy consuming and simply a bit smarter? So, today I’m sharing some smart ways to simplify and relaxify your daily work.

  1. Don’t multitask.

The more the number of tasks, the greater the stress. Do just one job at a time and you’ll do a better job compared to if you multi-task things. Conversely, if you are stressed and confused, remind yourself yourself to limit the number of ongoing tasks to one and you will see how the stress level goes down.

  1. Keep your workspace de-cluttered.

It keep the thinking clear and the focus straight. Do not, i repeat, DO NOT keep anything which is not of use on your desk while working. It is only an attention-robber.

Eliminate unnecessary tasks from your schedule. Tasks that take up your time, but would do you no harm if you rule them out of your schedule. For eg- checking mail three times a day. You can do good by checking mails twice a day and that third time is just because you have been doing it since long. Eliminate it.

  1. Work and breaks go hand-in-hand.

Work for a fixed duration and then take rest for a fixed time. Regular breaks keep motivation and productivity going. Set timer for 30 minutes or so. During this time, only focus on the one task at hand. It would become easier to do so because you know that you only have to do it for this limited time period. When the timer rings, leave your work for 5-15 minutes. During this time, focus only on resting. Have a snack, take a nap or do whatever relaxes you.

  1. Don’t be upset when things don’t go as planned.

Rather learn from this experience so that this situation could be avoided in the future. It’s a better use of your time than spending it on regretting a past that you cannot change anyway.

  1. Keep emails and online activities for the end of the day.

Unless very important, refrain from checking emails or social networking apps till the end of the day. This is so because it can add a lot of stress and suck away your limited energy and attention early in the day. Use the fresh energy in other important tasks.

  1. Re-focus yourself, everyday.

Ask yourself questions every day that help you to find your focus. If you like, write these questions down on a note and put that note where you cannot avoid seeing it during your day. It’s so easy to get off track during a day, re-focussing is important.

  1. Focus on the process and not on the result.

Focus on what you actually can do, on what action you can take to move forward. Focus on the how-to’s and not on the what-if’s. what-if’s generate fear and hold us back whereas how-to’s generate creativity and empowers us to find ways to get our work done.


These effortless tips help you lead a stress-free life and ensure that great focus in the moment. Try these and you won’t regret.