Some days are easy-going, things are going as planned, there is nothing much on the plate and everything can be taken care of easily. But on other days, there is so much to do in so little time, things don’t seem like falling into place and the day starts to slip off from between the fingers. A lot of pressure and stress leads to loss of focus and emergence of negative thoughts.

Worry not, you don’t have to continue that way and such an awfully over-whelming day can be turned around into a more focused and manageable one. Here’s how-

  • Zoom out.

Ask yourself – will this matter to me after 5 years or even 5 weeks? If not! Just don’t spend more than 5 minutes on it. It is only eating up your time, draining you of energy and adding to your stress, UNNECESSARILY! If it won’t matter to you in the long run why would you want to waste your precious time and energy over it! Am I right or am I right?

Zooming out would give you a broader perspective on the situation that is stressing you out. Sometime, we get so engrossed in the stressful situation that instead of finding a way out, we get trapped into the vicious cycle of negative thoughts.

Always, always take a moment to zoom out for a bird-view of the situation. Broader perspective save us from getting trapped in the unnecessary stress creating situations.


When you are feeling over-whelmed with too many tasks at hand, you feel stressed about getting all the tasks on track. Your focus gets distributed into (lets say) those 5 tasks. Result? Not even one task is done with efficiency.

In such a situation when you are feeling over-whelmed and stressed out, pause! Ask yourself : which of these tasks can wait without making anything else suffer?

This would help you prioritize things and do away with the lesser important tasks. The stressed would be reduced drastically and the feeling of over-whelm would calm down because of the reduced number of tasks at hand.

Unclutter and focus on the important!

  • Take care of ‘today’ and ‘now’.

When you already have a stressful and over-whelming day, stressing about the future would only worsen it up. Focus on taking care of the present and nothing more! Focus on things that matter today and need to be taken care of today. There is a tomorrow for taking care of the other things. Don’t dwell in the past trying to correct the mistakes or live in the future trying to plan things out. These would only stress you out and make you feel over-whelm. Just focus on the ‘now’ to do away with the feeling of over-whelm.


Signing off with a hope that these would help you in turning around a stressed out day. Wishing you more calm! 😉