“Close some doors not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, simply because they no longer lead you somewhere.”

                                                                                                           -Paul Coelho

I think life was easier back in the 90s. There were no smartphones, no computers, no internet, just video games and TV with a few channels on it. These days there are so many things to keep us distracted. Thanks to internet, smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops and not to forget the numerous channels on TV.

Much information. Many distractions. Much stress. Little happiness.

Sharing with you, some tips that would help keep your attention at the right place.

  • Keep your phone as far as possible. That’s right. Smartphone is the easy escape to distractions like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.. Try to keep it away from yourself working. For example- put it locked it in a cupboard while studying, put it on silent mode inside the drawer while working or keep it away from your while sleeping. This would ensure that you don’t procrastinate frequently and work with complete focus.
  • Turn off notifications. Don’t we get shortly distracted when a notification pops on the screen? Unless we get a glimpse of what the notif is about, we seem to be disturbed and try to somehow have a quick glance at it. It doesn’t matter how un-important that pop-up was, it has become a reflex for many of us to quickly glance at the phone for that notif. It distracted us and took away the focus. So, next time – turn off the notification or turn off the mobile data/wi-fi before starting to work. Simple, right?
  • Stay firewalled. When working on a laptop or PC, it is easy to login into our social media or watch a funny video. This urge to escape and procrastinate is in-built in us. And to control it, you have to control what you have access to. Block all the escape routes on your laptop using a firewall. This way, your mind would know that the only thing you can do is work. Result? Completely focused work without any distraction!
  • Verify your information consumption. There are plentiful websites out there offering information on different aspects of our life like health, workout, nutrition, lifestyle, fashion etc.. Sometimes, we blindly subscribe to them. Result? They crowd up our email, taking up our time, making us read them. Instead of subscribing and reading everything under the sun. Just resort to those that do some value addition. Time is limited and so is our energy. Use these wisely, focus on the best and see what a great mental de-cluttering exercise this would be.
  • Stop comparing your life to someone else’s. Yes, I say this a lot. But digital age (Read – FB and Instagram) has actually made it easier to see and read from everyone on a daily basis. This might make you compare your life to somebody else’s controlled online content. You might think how perfect and flawless somebody’s life is and start cursing yourself for such a messy and non-happening life. Don’t forget, “Some people aren’t really what they ‘post’ to be.”
  • Single-task. It holds true for online activity as much as it applies to real life activity. The more the tabs on your browser, the lesser is the focus. You tend to toggle a lot and in that toggling, what you lose is focus. So, the next time you work digitally, make sure that you keep the tab count low to help the focus quotient to rise.


Hope these would help to sort you, digitally. 😉