“Time is what we want the most but use the worst.”

I am in total agreement with the quote mentioned above. We are always short of time. How many of us cannot stop wishing there were more hours in a day? Do you ever wonder how some people are able to manage everything in the same time of 24 hours and how you are often left wanting few more hours to pursue your hobbies or to take a break etc?

It is true, time and tide wait for none. While time doesn’t wait for anyone, we can manage our schedule in such a way that makes the best out of each day, maximising the time and minimising the energy consumption. So, here I’m sharing simple habits that might help you maximise the usable time in a day.

  • Complete one task in one go. If the task is huge, break it down into smaller tasks and work on them one-by-one. But make sure that you take up one task at a time and complete it in one go. Multitasking surely, degrades the productivity and quality of work. So, single-task every task and complete it in one go. Doing one task in several goes, takes a lot time. Every time you resume, you have to spend a considerable time gaining momentum and understanding the point from where you have to resume. This extra ‘resume-time’ can be eliminated if we complete the whole task in one-go. Time=saved!
  • Stop over-thinking. Analyzing and over-analyzing anything would definitely lead to stress. When this process of over-thinking starts, just shout STOP in your mind. Over-thinking not only stresses us out but also eats up a lot of time. Not to forget the awful mood that makes it even more difficult to get going. So, stay away from it at any cost.
  • De-clutter your workspace. A clean workspace with minimalistic things on it enhance focus. Imagine a pile of paper sitting on your workstation while you are replying to a work email. It would definitely distract you and your focus would be affected. Remove any clutter around your work space. Distractions eat up time. Don’t forget to add the ‘resume-time’ to your work time once you are done with the distraction.
  • Write your daily goals and align them along with your long term goals. Prioritize your tasks accordingly. You don’t have to do everything today if it is not doesn’t have any consequences on other tasks. Not doing the ‘unnecessary’ is as important as doing the ‘necessary’. The time and energy spent on doing something that isn’t important could have been used to do something more significant. So make a plan and prioritize your shizz!
  • Say no to procrastination. Putting off work because you are not in the right mood or it is not the ‘right’ time or whatever is a ‘subtle’ way of wasting time. If you do not feel like doing something, replace it with something else that is important and can be easily accomplished by you in the moment. If the task is important but you do not feel like doing it, promise yourself a reward after its completion. Rewards are motivating. There is nothing better than celebration. So, go ahead celebrate it, reward yourself. The idea is to get it done, anyway!


I really really hope that habits would help you make judicious use of your time. After all, time used well is time saved!

Good luck! 😉