We cannot and should not work 24/7. That is practically impossible and insane. There are some days when we are all charged up to work and strike out all the tasks off our TO-DO list. Then, there are days when we don’t feel like working and want some time to ourselves.

Here are 5 ways that will help you to productively utilize your time sinks.

  • Have an intelligent conversation. Discuss something that interests you with someone. The mere act of discussion something intelligent and interesting puts your mind into activity. This way you won’t waste whole of your time and your brain would get prepared for the tasks ahead. This is way better than just lazing around.
  • Indulge in something you love. When you do something you love endorphins are released that make you happy. This will ease your mind of stress and work related worry. The activity would make you feel fresh and get your mind in momentum for the pending work.
  • Take a short nap. Sometimes all we need is a little break and a time out from the hustle of the life. A nap rejuvenates us and gives our mind the much needed break. Such a boost of energy can only be achieved from sleep. Go ahead put your alarm clock to work and dodge off for a little while. When a nap is all you need, don’t feel guilty! 😉
  • Read or listen to something inspirational. Sometimes, life feels purposeless. We get so much engrossed in the chaos of life that all the confusion stops us from getting to work. In such times, read or listen to something that inspires you, motivates you or pushes you to push your limits. It can be a song or a book or anything. The idea is to get back the zeal and enthusiasm.
  • Do some exercise. Exercise is the best way to relieve the stress in your body. It gets your blood flowing and release endorphins, the happiness hormones. Take a walk, go for a swim, work out at the gym or do yoga. It releases stress, eliminates the bodily inertia and gets you going.

These five ways are sure to get you into the mood to work. They will ensure that your time doesn’t get wasted. They ensure a fruitful use of the break time. They pick your mood up and put you in the work mode.

Next time whenever you feel like wasting your time or taking a time out, give these a try. You won’t regret! 😉