Positives of a TV-free week


Ever wondered, what things would you be able to accomplish if you shun your television for a week?  My momma always says, “Turn off the TV, it is not helping you.” So, I decided to give it a try and stayed away from the TV for a good one week to see what difference can the absence of a TV make in my life. Turns out, it had a huge positive effect on my life, though it was a little tough in the beginning. I would happily want to reduce my TV time now or better yet give it up completely, with time.

Please note that giving up TV also means not watching any TV related thing online.

Sharing with you, 10 the positives that came out of this exercise.

  1. Enhanced focus. Let’s admit it, TV is a huuuge distraction even if it is playing across the wall in another room. It became so much easier for me to concentrate with the TV shut completely. I worked with better focus and it took lesser time to get my work completed.
  2. Increased family communication. With the TV always ON during the dinner time, my family was missing out on the family talks. Everybody was always involved in the Prime Time news while having their dinner. But with the TV not playing anymore, we talked more, laughed at each other’s joke rather than at the comedian playing on TV and had some intelligent conversations at the dinner table.
  3. Burned more calories. Sure enough, I could always be seen on the couch with the remote in my hand. With the TV off, I moved around more and gave up being a couch potato. It definitely burned more calories as I was always moving around and not just sitting right there on the couch.
  4. Went cycling. Guess what I used to do in my free time? Watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S on Romedy Now. But this whole week, I went for cycling. Have to say, I feel good about it and surely going to continue with this fitness exercise.
  5. Organized my monthly planner. Replaced the ‘watch TV’ time slot after dinner with ‘organize your monthly planner’. I planned in advance for the next day each night and this surely turned around my days for good.
  6. Tried new recipes. Since I hadn’t been watching TV before dinner anymore, I tried cooking for myself and my family. Tried out newer recipes and let’s just say I never knew I can cook this well. Also tried baking some scrumptious brownies. Loving this new found love for baking!
  7. Got more done. I was always ‘busy’ with the TV playing all the time. The news, the shows, the movies always held me back from doing much more than I was doing. Staying away from the TV made me work a lot more. In an attempt to keep myself busy, I ironed my clothes the night before and organized my closet. I could think of better blog topics. My life became a lot more organized and i actually busy doing stuff rather than lazing around the TV.
  8. Got time to meditate and relax quietly. With the TV constantly playing, I couldn’t relax mentally nor could my eyes relax. I took time to meditate in silence and that not only relaxed my senses but also made me feel more energized. Instead of concentrating on the TV, I concentrated on myself.
  9. Read a novel. I utilized the free time reading a self-help book – ‘The power of habits’ by Charles Duhigg. I would have never thought of reading a book because I was always ‘occupied’. I must say, I loved this book, there are some pretty good take-a-ways. I would like to continue this practise of reading such books by cutting down on my TV in the future as well.

Lived more. I loved the real life experiences more than reel-life experiences I had during my TV time. I indulged in some deep conversations with my sister over the phone. I also had time to catch up with a school friend after 7 years because I was always pseudo occupied. Undoubtedly, I lived more!