“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”

                                                                                                -Winston Churchill

Everyone wants success. We have numerous beliefs about what works for us, about the right way to achieve. We are aware of the habits that promote success as well as some strategies that work. Some actually help us get there while some are pure myths that are holding us back. So, in this article, I’m going to bust some myths to clear the air about success.

#Myth 1 – You only need to work really HARD to be successful.

Yes, you need to work really hard to be successful. No doubt. But success doesn’t come with hard work ONLY. It comes with constructive habits that lead to a routine. A routine in which you work hard, putting your heart and soul. To build that routine, you need to be consistent with your actions. Repeat the actions day in and day out until they become and effortless habit. For actions to become habit or part of your routine, you need to be CONSISTENT. So, before you start working hard, you have to develop CONSISTENCY! Therefore, the key to be successful is – CONSISTENT HARD WORK (and not just hard work).

#Myth 2 – Focusing on the HOWs and working on them is sufficient to be successful.

This is another that most of us fall prey to. Focusing on the HOWs is undoubtedly an essential part of success. But what keep you driven is the WHY! “Why do you want to do this?”, “Why is this work important to you?”, “Why is this deadline important to you?”  etc. the WHYs keep us motivated and help us focus on the HOWs. So, the HOW alone is not sufficient, we definitely need WHYs to sail through the journey of success.

#Myth 3 – You should sacrifice everything to be successful.

This is the most popular myth that I guess each one of us has heard of. Who hasn’t heard stories of Thomas Edison or Bill Gates working at superhuman level, without sleeping, eating or taking breaks! 😛 This, however, is impossible and more discouraging than encouraging. Such references can be used for admiration but can’t or rather shouldn’t be used as ideals in life. Because sooner or later, if it doesn’t suit you, you will quit. Rather than making time for work by doing sacrifice of sleeping/eating/relaxing time, one should cut down on the time spent in less-productive tasks like social media time, making better use of travelling time etc.

#Myth 4 – You should transform yourself completely in the blink of an eye to be successful.

What can be more unrealistic than this? Transformation doesn’t come overnight, it is a process that takes time and efforts to become a better version of yourself. You cannot just sleep one night and wake up into a healthier, more focused, happier and more productive person the next day. Transformation needs habits. Some habits have to be given and some have to be incorporated. Building a habit takes time and consistent efforts! So, rather than transforming yourself, think about building yourself. Building better habits, building a better YOU. Transformation would automatically follow!

These were some myths I have come across in my life, myths that are absolutely pointless. Hope they help you. Do share any success related myth you might have come across some time in your life! 😉