Reminders to adjust your focus


I swear by the morning reminder because they help you adjust your focus every morning. This little ritual will not only help your reduce stress but also help adjust your focus to the right things in life.

The following reminders will help you to keep things simple, peaceful and in perspective.

  1. You cannot control exactly what happens in life, but you can control how you respond to it all.  In your response is your greatest power.
  2. Instead of getting angry, find the lesson.  In place of envy, feel admiration.  In place of worry, take action.  In place of doubt, have faith.
  3. Don’t compare your progress with that of others.  We all need our own time to travel our own distance.  Focus on the step you are presently taking.
  4. Life doesn’t always give you the circumstances and people you want, it gives you the circumstances and people you need… to learn, to grow, and to fall in love.
  5. It’s not the strongest or the most intelligent people that survive and succeed in the long run, but those who can best manage change.
  6. Nothing is permanent.  When you understand this, you can do almost anything you wish because you’re not trying to desperately hold onto anything anymore.
  7. It’s your choice.  To be positive and free, or to be imprisoned by your own negativity.  To live in the past, or to be hopeful about the present.
  8. Positive thinking isn’t about expecting the best to happen every time – it’s about accepting what happens every time, and making the best of it.
  9. People are much nicer when they’re happier, which says a lot about people who aren’t very nice to you.  Wish them well, and be on your way.
  10. Never regret being a good person, to the wrong people.  Your behavior says everything about you, and their behavior says enough about them.
  11. Don’t jam your life with plans.  Leave space.  Sometimes great things happen unplanned and big regrets happen by not reaching exactly what was planned.
  12. Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to accomplish something big, that we fail to notice all the little things that give life its magic.
  13. At times, you just have to appreciate exactly where you are.  You’ve come a long way, and you’re still learning and growing.  Be grateful for the lessons.
  14. Stop rushing.  Breathe.  Be where you are.  You’re where you’re supposed to be at this very moment.  Every step and experience is necessary.

Focus on what matters.  Where attention goes, energy flows.  Where energy flows, things grow.