Can little things define us? Yes. All the results in our life can be drawn from the little things. How? The little things when not corrected, become the bigger things over time.

Even the seemingly insignificant things in life can produce consequences both positive and negative. So, how are you managing your life? Are the little things you’re doing every day working for you or against you?

So, this article is about making little, sustainable shifts in your behaviour.

  • Focus on your inside. In our modern culture, where hustling is celebrated is a state of being, dedicate time every other day to focus inward. Do some mindfulness enhancing rituals, meditate, reflect gratitude or indulge in a prayer. By doing so you will undoubtedly open your mind to important ideas and opportunities, which you simply can’t comprehend in the midst of mindless hustle.
  • Eliminate the unnecessary. Very few people have focused their time and energy in a way that exclusively prioritizes truly important objectives over everything else. It’s all about getting organized and conscious of how you are allocating your limited time and energy, so you can put yourself in a position to build the future you want without wasting time on the unnecessary.
  • Allow things to be the way they are. Some things are worth changing. Others aren’t. So, step back and allow certain things to happen because things will take care of themselves, and alongside your needs will also be met.  You will have less stress and less to do, and more time and energy to work on the things that truly matter to you. Work on the things you actually can control like your reaction and attitude about everything.
  • Forget your big goals. Our big goals are important.  But too often we spend our time and energy thinking about the desired end results of a big goal, instead of actually doing the little things that need to be done today. So, forget your big goals and just work on the smaller things that align with your big goals.

Appreciate what’s going well. Overlooking everything that’s wonderful is a tragedy.  When you get lost in worried thoughts about a life situation you think you should’ have, you end up missing the beauty of what you ‘do’ have.  And you will have a hard time ever being happy if you aren’t thankful for the good things in your life right now. So, appreciate what’s going well in your life. Be thankful for the little things!