Kids are the most innocent creations of god. They are simple and have no manipulating plots going on in their minds. They are full of energy throughout the day. Although kids are in their formative years, we can learn from their simplicity and enthusiasm.

So, let’s have a look as to what we can learn from them.

  • Spontaneity has its own charm. Kids are spontaneous. They don’t have elaborate plans about their day. They live in uncertainty and still enjoy it. Although as adults, it would be foolish to not make plans for your day. But it would be equally to not grab opportunities that make a spontaneous entrance into our lives. Kids teach us to live in the moment and make the best out of spontaneity.
  • Qualifications shouldn’t stop you. Kids don’t have any qualifications but they are never concerned about it. Even if they haven’t done something before, they very enthusiastically try it without any apprehensions. They are enthusiastic about trying out new things and are not fearful of the uncertainty of outcome or the shame involved in failure. Kids teach us to pursue things we are passionate about without thinking about the qualifications or the outcomes.
  • Laugh and move on. Kids do silly things all the time without the fear of getting judged. Even if they poop in their pants, they would laugh at your face, lighten it up with their smile and move onto something else. Kids teach us to move on after making mistakes. They encourage us to not be afraid of people’s opinions and judgements. We should keep making mistakes. If you feel like laughing at your mistakes, do that and move on. Never stagnate. Never stop yourself from doing anything.
  • Express your feelings. Adulthood teaches us to hide our emotions. We hide our true self from others. We put up a happy face and move on with our lives. Kids, however, are just the opposite. They wear their emotions on their sleeves. Their emotions are quite easily visible on their face. They don’t bottle up their emotions inside. we as adults are however used to bottling up emotions inside. Kids, therefore, teach us to be open about our feelings. We should vent out our feelings as and when required.

Be open to learning. Kids are in their formative years. They barely know anything but are always ready to try something new. Kids usually dive head first into every situation, leaping over hurdles and improvising their approach when they must.  As we grow up, we become slaves to habits and get stuck up in our routines. Sometimes we over-analyze our next move and hesitate in fear they we may not get it right. Kids teach us to be open-minded and to learn start things right off. We can improvise along the way if the need arises.