There are some things that we learn from the oldest member of our family like our grandparents. They have the best advices and their wisdom & experience really has helped us a lot.

So, here are 5 life-lessons that I learned from my Grandparents. I am sure they would help in more ways than one.

  1. We are what we eat. A healthy diet is something that shouldn’t be compromised with. If you have to skip breakfast because you are always late, manage your time and treat your body with a healthy breakfast each day. Our body does so much for us, the least we could do is provide good nutrition to it.
  2. Don’t let your fears stop you. After your retirement, would you want to live a life of regrets for not trying the things that you should have? Living with a regret all your life is much worse than not trying. Don’t let your fears stop you. Do whatever you want. If you fail, try again. Just don’t stop!
  3. Be physically active. Exercise because that keeps you going. If you don’t exercise you age faster and your joints become dysfunctional. The more you work the better your body becomes. So, do yoga, work out, go out for a brisk walk or do whatever it takes to be in the momentum.
  4. Life goes on. You might be in the best phase of your life or you might be in your worst. Just remember, life goes on. This phase shall pass. What seems so important today might not hold any importance tomorrow. Don’t let your ego rise up in the best time and don’t let your spirit to work die in your worst time.

You become luckier if you work. Destiny is what you make of it. Nobody is lucky. Your chances of success increase with your preparedness. If you prepare day in and day out for your exams, chances are you will cover each and every topic. You will feel lucky in the exam because you knew all of it. Luck doesn’t come on its own. You become lucky when you work for your success.