Growing up is a constant process of transition from one phase to another. While transitioning from school to college and college to a 9 to 5 work setting, we learn many lessons. Depending upon their relevance, some lessons fade away while some stick by.  We are constantly in the process of analyzing both, our successes and our failures, in order to properly re-align our future actions with our goals.

Here is a list of five most important life lessons that I have learned in this life.

  • Talent doesn’t guarantee success. All of us have seen many talented people failing in their endeavours. Why? Because even though they are talented, they lack commitment and persistence, which are the most important ingredients to success. A laid back or a giving up attitude has never made anyone successful.
  • Emotional decisions are usually bad. Decisions should be based upon logic and not emotions. Emotional decisions are misguided reactions to a situation. Never make a promise when you are happy and never make a decision when you are angry. We are not able to think straight when we are emotional. Oftentimes our feelings are based on impulse, instead of sound experience.
  • Take criticism and praise in the same spirit. Both criticism and praise are a part of the feedback mechanism. They are meant for our improvement. If someone praises you, appreciate it and move on. If someone criticises you, appreciate it too. Work on what can be improved. Not all criticisms are genuine. Sometimes people are having an off-day and tend to say without thinking it through. So, don’t let praise get to your head and criticism get to your heart.
  • Identify what you don’t want.  It’s imperative to note that the things we don’t want are just as important as the things we do want. If you ignore what you don’t want and put all your attention on what you do want, you’ll end up getting what you don’t want. How? Because you won’t be cautious about the things you definitely don’t want. So, keep your focus clear and your definitions of ‘wants’ clearer.

Be realistically passionate. Passion without a realistic dimension leads to failure and frustration. Realistically evaluate your passion before pursuing it. If you get overly passionate about something without properly analysing it, you will end up moving in the wrong direction or even worse chasing the wrong thing. Evaluate your passion on realistic grounds and then pursue it with all your heart and soul.