Countless irrational thoughts surround us all the time. Even the most intelligent mind can fall prey to some irrational thoughts. These thoughts unnecessarily clutter our mind and hold us back. They not only affect the balance in our life but also affect the stability of our relationships.

Irrational thoughts lack logic and so cannot be sorted out. Hence, it is always better to stay consciously aware of such thoughts. Your life will be more productive if you learn to avoid this type of negative thoughts.

Mentioned below are some irrational thoughts that should be avoided at all costs.

  • Success and failure are like black and white. There is no grey in between them. This thought will hold you back from trying out new things. You will always be scared thinking you might fail. Success is not the opposite of failure, giving-up attitude is. Failure is a stepping stone to success. Every failure has a lesson to offer. Failure is not a dead-end. It opens up newer opportunities.
  • Everyone around me should like me. If I want to be content, I should please one and all. First of all, it is practically not feasible for anyone to please everyone. And second of all, it only invites unnecessary stress and unhappiness in life. You cannot please everyone at any point in your life. Period. You are not a jar of Nutella, it is not even your job.
  • If somebody disagrees with me, it is a personal attack on me. This is absolutely not true. People have different views and perceptions. Everybody looks at things differently. Nothing is wrong or right. It is our way of looking at things. If you are right, it doesn’t mean the other person is wrong. Take disagreements in the right spirit, they add to our knowledge and provide us with newer perspectives of looking at things.
  • The past always repeats itself. If it was true then, it should be true now. This cannot be further away from truth. Outcomes change when circumstances change. What held true back then, might not turn out to be true now. Past outcomes might help but completely relying on them would be plain stupid. One should always work and adapt according to the current situation and not that of the past.

If I don’t have a intimate relationship, I would be completely alone. This is the topmost irrational thought most youths have. If you don’t have a gf/bf that doesn’t mean you are completely alone. You still have you friends and family with you who love you without any expectations and demands. Cherish and nurture your relationship with them because they would always be there for you, irrespective of you relationship status.