Is it possible to do less and accomplish more? We all seek the answer to this question. We want to generate the maximum noticeable value out of the least amount of work put in by us, in the least possible time. Don’t we? We aim to work smart rather than working hard.

Moreover, there’s nothing wrong in this. Skills, tools and tactics when worked in the right combination can actually help you in working less and still impress.

So, here are some tips on adding that ‘wow factor’ to your work without increasing your workload.

  • Learn the uncommon skills. Figure out the skills that a very few people know but are in the greatest demand in your industry and master them. When a very people around you can perform the desired function, your value in your company/industry will increase. People around you seek your help and you will get credit for what they do! Being an expert will be your game to fame.
  • Remain mysterious. When you add value to something but don’t disclose how were you able to do that yourself, that is when people get amazed by your work. People around are impressed by the result of your work but they don’t know the specifics of your skills. They would be amazed by your skills and would be left wondering how did you magically do that. The mystery attached to your skill will impress the ones around you.
  • Society elevates experts onto a high pedestal. You might be a good enough singer, dancer and a badminton player but the respect and fan-following of an expert hip-hop dancer or a professional singer who is good in nothing else would be exponentially more than that of you. Being an ace of one is valued more than being a jack-of-all-trades. Focus on your skill and master that completely!
  • Under-sell and over-deliver. When we set the expectation bar high, we end up falling short on the expectations of the people around. For example- a salesperson who speaks highly of his product leads us into expecting a lot from his product. But that product ends up under-delivering according to our expectations because we had expected a lot from it. To increase your value, do the opposite. Under-sell and over-deliver on your skills and abilities. People tend to think that you went an extra mile to deliver quality!
  • 80/20 rule to the rescue. 80% tasks lead us into unhappiness and give the 20% outcome. Also, there are 20% tasks that deliver the 80% outcome and happiness. Figure out these 20% tasks and work on them. This will increase your productivity and reduce your workload. These 20% tasks are vital and doing them right makes all the difference. Apply this 80/20 rule to your life and see the difference for yourself.