Life is not complicated, we ourselves make it complicated! Life becomes simple when we give up the wrong things and add the right things into our lives.

Presenting to you ways that would help you stop complicating your life.

  • Stop procrastinating. Enough said, there’s no point putting off some work until the day after tomorrow while it was supposed to be done on the day before yesterday. Sooner or later, you have to do that work yourself. Better, do it now.
  • Stop whining and complaining. We whine over and complain about things that aren’t in our control. When that thing cannot be controlled, why do you want to cry about it and complain about it not going the way you wanted it to. Go with the flow.
  • Stop blaming. Take responsibility for your own shizzz. Just like you take credit for your successes, learn to take responsibility for your failure/mistakes. Every mistakes offers a lesson and when you shift the onus of that mistake onto someone else’s shoulder, you refrain yourself from that experience and that lesson.
  • Stop living in the past or the future. Obsessing over the past isn’t going to help because you can’t change what has happened. Doing micro-level of the future isn’t going to help either because there’s no certainty of it and the future is out of control too. What can be controlled is the present. So, live in the moment and make the best out of it.
  • Stop holding onto negativity. Whether it is a relationship or a person, if that thing is holding you back, let it go. You are better off without it. Let go off that relationship that makes you unhappy and let go off that person that doesn’t encourage you and motivate you to do better in life.
  • Stop giving what you don’t want to receive. What goes around comes around. Give out love and kindness and it will be reciprocated. Give out negativity but don’t complain about a trashy life because that’s what you deserve!
  • Stop trying to please. Whatever you do, there will be a chunk of people who won’t be satisfied/happy with you. So, do whatever you want. Do what your heart desires. Don’t bother about the people. You cannot please everyone. You are not a jar of Nutella, it’s not even your job! 😛
  • Stop trying to change people. Think of how difficult it is, to change yourself. Whether it is about losing weight or giving up a habit, it is always difficult to change your own self. When you can’t change yourself, how can you even think about changing someone else? So, accept people as they are and help them grow.


By giving up these things, you are surely going to stop complicating your life. These are some strategies worth trying because the end results are amazing. Do let us know, how well they worked for you.

Good luck! 🙂