“Perfectionism is the mother of procrastination.”

One of the many destructive habits that lead us into procrastination is – Perfectionism.

Trying to be perfect in whatever we do will hold us back from trying until the ‘perfect’ time arrives. It adds to the stress because of the looming tasks that is waiting to be accomplished on a perfect time. So, in this article I’m sharing with you some tips that would help replace this habit.

  • Aim for ‘good’ and not ‘perfect’. Human brain is wired to think, that huuuge efforts need to be made for a task to end up perfectly! These so-called huge efforts overburden our mind and put the task off until we find ourselves fit to take up such a daunting task. The brain being over-burdened with it all experiences stress. Furthermore, the urge to start it off on a perfect timing puts it off until eternity. Why? Because not every day is a perfect day! Waiting for that special occasion to arrive when all the stars would align rightly for that ‘huge’ task to take place – is simply never happening!

If we wait until the right time, we will be waiting for the rest of our lives.


  • What to do?

Aim for good enough. Good enough means you have done a very good job timely, without making any excuses. It means you have judiciously used your time and energy and made good choices. You did not wait for any perfect time or perfect energy or perfect alignment of stars and shizz, you just did the best you could! And that is what matters.


  • Don’t fall into the trap of perfectionism. What I mean by this is, watching people around you doing tasks ‘perfectly’, going wow over the ‘perfect’ ending to a movie, seeing a ‘perfect’ couple or drooling over a ‘perfect’ job, doesn’t mean it is all actually ‘perfect’. It appeared perfect to you because it was right! That movie ended just the ‘right’ way, that person accomplished that task the ‘right’ way, that perfect couple is a ‘right’ match and that perfect job is the ‘right’ job for that person according to his/her skills.


  • What to do?

The rightness is what imparts the perfection to something. So, focus on being right, on doing right, on choosing right, on the right time i.e. TODAY/NOW and things would turn out perfect! It’s that simple.


  • Set a human standard to your tasks. Set a bar of quality for yourself. A bar that is feasible to you. Oftentimes, we try to copy others forgetting that everyone is different and has different potential.


  • What to do?

Set a bar that is within your limits at the moment. Each time you reach that bar, you can move it slightly upwards, aiming for betterment and growth. This way the growth would be visible and steady. It won’t be a forced one and won’t be stressful. You can aim for perfection within your own limit. Don’t compare your limit to anybody else’s. You will make the blunder of comparing your chapter 1 to somebody else’s chapter 21.


 Striving for excellence feels wonderful because we are trying our best. Perfectionism feels terrible because our work is somehow never good enough and this makes us doubt ourselves. So, say no to perfectionism!