“Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen.”

                                                                                                                              -Benjamin Franklin

Nervousness- starts with a tremble or a fidgeting hand. Gradually, the pressure builds and bam! Nervousness is all in the air. Either it is that date you had been long waiting for, that important meeting with boss or college presentation- none of these is untouched of its ‘salutary’ touch or influence.

So, here are some strategies for overcoming nervousness because – hey! Nobody needs it.


  • Prepare in advance.

Preparation does matter. Doing the preparation in time and not waiting for the last minute really helps in keeping nervousness at its low. You’ll feel more sure of yourself and relaxed about what you are about to do. If you have a meeting, do some research before hand and keep those facts ready. If you have a date, think of some interesting topics to talk about and if you have an interview, think of some good answers. That’s how it works!


  • Figure out the worst-case scenario.

Yes, I talk about it a lot. But figuring this thing out, helps a lot and keeps stress at bay. This helps to calm down and prevents a molehill from becoming a mountain. If you know what worst could happen and how negligible that would be, you won’t be nervous at all!


  • Positive visualization.

We visualize things negatively in our mind and as a result, we get nervous. Just visualize the situation unfolding in a positive manner and flowing smoothly. See yourself having a wonderful time and you will be surprised by the outcomes you have. Because we have a dreadful situation in our mind, we encounter nervousness. But on the other hand, if we have a flowery and positive flow of events going on in our mind, it would happen that way.


  • People don’t think about you, the way you think about yourself.

Oftentimes, we feel nervous because we think people are judging us of our looks, behaviour or the way we talk. Such build up of consciousness leads to nervousness building up. So, tell yourself- They have their own plate full with doing the same thing as you: focusing on themselves  and being afraid of getting judged by you. Let me tell you, if you think in your mind that the other person already likes you, it will help them like you more easily. So, go ahead with all that confidence and swag!


  • Feel excited.

When the nervousness bubbles up, tell yourself that you are excited about the meeting, presentation etc. This helps to change our perspective on what is happening inside of our mind and it helps to get a boost of enthusiasm and openness for a short while. Mind you, energy is contagious! If you go all excited, the other person is going to be at the same level. You gloomy and nervous and you will find the other person reciprocating in the same way.


So, keep these tips in mind and you will be more relaxed the next time you have an important event lined up.

Good luck!