“Having a positive mental attitude is asking how something can be done rather than saying it can’t be done.”

Negativity is toxic and holds you back from living the life you have ever wanted. It is very easy to fall prey to negativity and get dragged down by it. However, it can be overcome and in this article I’m going to share some very important tips that will help to overcome negativity and embrace positivity.

  • Find out what’s good in a negative situation.

It is natural for negative thoughts to hover in our mind after a failure or a setback. What would be wise, is to figure out what good this tough time holds in disguise. Find out : what can I learn from this?, what could be an alternative that could have averted this situation?, what good does this situation hold? .. so on and so forth.

  • Don’t worry about what people might think or say.

Alright, this is a cliché but this holds true. Because the truth is that people don’t have that much time, attention or energy to think or talk about what you do. They have their hands and minds full with their kids, jobs, pets, hobbies and their own fears and worries (like for example what people may think of them). Holding yourself back because of what others might think or say is pure Bullshit.

  • Replace negativity around yourself.

Eliminate the top three sources of negativity from your life. It maybe a website, person, TV series, music track, anything that you feel hits that negative chord in you. Just replace it with something positive. It might take time and efforts but it would be worth it.

  • Zoom out.

Stop making mountains out of molehills. Ask yourself : will this thing/person matter to me after 5 years or even 5 weeks? If the answer is no, stop wasting your time and efforts over it!

  • Vent it out.

Talk about the tough time that you are in to someone close. Keeping negative thoughts bottled up start to trouble us. So, Just talking about it kind of gives a new perspective to the whole situation.

  • Work out.

Working out and exercising for 20-30 minutes relieves us of our inner stress and tensions thereby making our mind more focussed. This also helps in eliminating the destructive thoughts and replacing them with constructive ones. In addition, it is good for the health.

  • Figure out the worst-case scenario.

Many times, our fears are vague and the vagueness make them more intimidating. What would help is- finding out : what would be the worst thing that could happen? Many times, the worst case scenarios aren’t that scary and can be easily worked out. It helps us eliminate the unnecessary fear and gain clarity about the situation.

  • Be grateful to things/people in your life.

We tend to take the things and people in our life for granted when the times are sour. Negativity makes it easier to forget the positives in life. So, take time out and be grateful to whatever things or people you have in life. They were around when time wasn’t right, they deserve it!

  • Start tomorrow in a positive tone.

Promise yourself right now to start tomorrow in such a way that would set a positive tone for the whole day. Motivate yourself, read a quote or do whatever it takes, to start it right. After all, well begun is half done.


A pessimistic or negative thought makes it hard to turn things around. But a positive state of mind makes it a lot easier to just keep going with that emotion and the optimistic way of thinking until it is bedtime again.