“Accept failure, everybody fails at something. But don’t accept not trying.”

Mistakes, setbacks, failure – they are a part of life. They are no fun, I admit it. But they can’t be avoided unless you aren’t doing anything at all.

So what can be avoided? Self-beating and dragging yourself down into the dark pit of negativity. And what is needed for this? Smart habits to deal with such situations. So, here I’m sharing some useful habits, I hope they would come handy to you.


  • Accept your feelings.

Failures hurt. Sometimes a bit. Sometimes a lot. But this is absolutely OK. Accept your feelings. Don’t try to push them away, put on a mask of a strong person and don’t hide it with a smile. Unless you let your feelings in, they won’t go away. You can push them away shortly but they will return at an unexpected place and time, making it harder for you in the long run.


  • You are not a failure. You just had a setback.

When you have an encounter with a failure, it is easy to think that you will always fail in this. And that it is YOU, who is a failure. Don’t fall prey to such negative thought, they are self-destructing. Just remind yourself that this time shall pass if you keep moving forward.

Being optimistic during the tough times and considering the failure as a temporary thing – are the two keystones to moving forward in life.


  • Learn from your failure.

It is always wise to learn from your mistake/failure rather than only crying and repenting over it. Always remember, failures require you to learn from them and move on. Stagnation due to a failure never helps. Ask yourself question like: what can I learn from this situation?, what can I do differently to avoid such a situation? Etc,.


  • Failure is a sign that you are trying.

We only get to hear people’s success stories and that’s where we go wrong. It appears all flowery and smooth to us and so when we fail we think of ourselves as failure. Rather than reading success stories, we should explore stories of people who are successful now but were a failure once. Such stories not only motivate us but also give us a glimpse that behind every successful person, are innumerable failures that helped them sail through and reach success. It is always better to try and rule out the unyielding paths than not trying and regretting that it could have been better.


  • Find your inspiration.

Learn from those who’ve gone where you want to go. Read about how they handled setbacks and low-points before or during their success in books, on websites or online forums. This will give you a first-hand experience of what can happen while you are on it. Also, it will prepare you in advance and save you the trouble of repeating the same mistakes.


  • Don’t aspire perfection.

Don’t make it perfect. Trying to do that can sometimes just be a way to procrastinate because you fear failing again or because it is hard to start moving after this rough and disorienting thing that happened to you. The important thing is to get started and moving forward again so make that easy on yourself. So, take small and feasible steps. Just get going. Stagnation not allowed!


These tips have definitely helped and I hope they will help you too. Just gather yourself up. It’s time to move on! 🙂