“Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of. One man gets only a week’s value out of a year while another man gets a full year’s value out of a week.”

Sometimes we feel 24 hours aren’t enough for us, isn’t it? It becomes difficult to find time for some important tasks on our list as our jobs or colleges take literally all the time of our day. However, it is not the fault of the clock, which is running too fast, rather it is us not able to manage our time well.

Fortunately, there are ways by which we can improve how we use our time. So, in this article I’m sharing some questions that you need to ask yourself so as to make time for your own self.

  • What are the 3 most important priorities in my life right now?

 In a busy schedule like ours, it is easy to lose track of the important stuff and aimlessly run after getting the day-to-day things done. To keep the focus in the right place it is essential to remind yourself every day of what is truly most important to you. Write the 3 top priorities of yours on a piece of paper, stick it to your workplace and stay reminded of them each hour a day. Unless you are aware of it, how are you going to work on it?


  • What are the 3 most common distractions that steal my focus away?

The common distractions might include notifications from social networking apps, noise and movement of people around or unnecessary calls. You can fix these by-

  1. Turning off the wifi and mobile data.
  2. Putting your phone to silent mode.
  3. Shutting the door of your office cabin.

The distractions can be easily worked out. All you need is to figure out the major distractions.


  • What are the 3 distractions that are stopping you from having a quality time with your loved ones?

Are you spending too much time replying to emails, attending office gatherings or reading blogs or newsletters. Put a limit to all your work related stuff when you step out of your office. Dedicate 30-60 minutes for all the important work related tasks at night after you are done with your family. Best would be to leave work at workplace. However, that is too idealistic to be real, so set limits to it accordingly.


  • What is the most misused piece of time in my regular day?

Travelling and waiting are the two time slots that are often misused or rather ignored by us. Instead of just sitting idle in this time, we can actually take up some small tasks which would otherwise take up a fresh slot of time in the day. Smart utilisation of time is the key.


So, these are the questions that have helped me make more time in a regular day of 24 hours. We all have the same time in a day but some waste the major part and some are conscious about utilising even the minutest of seconds. Smartness lies in smart management of your schedule. As they say, “Run the day or the day runs you.”

The choice is yours!