Getting started with what we want in life can be hard. But what is harder is the fact that we stand in our own way, procrastinating, fearing and thereby delaying our success.

So, today we are going to discuss the habits that need to be given up to make it so much easier to actually get started instead of just keep dreaming about it.

  1. Stop cooking things in your brain.

Over-thinking tends to make things bigger in our head. The more over-thinking we do, the scarier the task becomes.

What to do?

  • Gather knowledge about/from people who are there, where you want to be. This would help in doing away with the fears that come up because of the uncertain situations involved.
  • Ask yourself : what could be the worst case scenario? It would calm you down because mostly the worst case scenarios are not that bad and are easily manageable. This clarity also reduces fear.


  1. Stop being a control-freak.

Preparedness helps, it certainly does. But trying to control everything leads you into a vicious circle of over-thinking, trying to think through every small thing/task involved to avoid failures. And over-thinking isn’t good!

What to do?

  • Realise : you will have encounter with failures and that is fine. Failures are a part and parcel of everybody’s journeys. Reflect on what you can learn from a mistake then that will be invaluable to help you grow and improve.
  • Learn to set time limits to tasks. If you have trouble with overthinking then set a time-limit for when you have to make a decision.


  1. Stop thinking that you have to get started in a spectacular way.

If you have a big goal then it is easy to think that you have to take an action of the same size to get started or to get where you want to go. This not true, a goal big or small, requires consistent efforts and not big efforts to achieve success.

What to do?

  • Take small and feasible steps. Ask yourself, what is that one small step that i can take to keep going? Efforts no matter how small should be consistent to ensure that you keep going on.
  • Take single step at a time. Keep your attention on just this one action and move forward. Otherwise, it is easy to get lost in thought, to go off track or to feel uncomfortable or fearful.


These habits may seem insufficient but they are enough to get us going. By working on them, we can ensure that we do not delay our journey to success. Unless we get started, how are we going to get there! Isn’t it?