Our only obligation in life should be – being true to ourselves. Just as we cannot love anyone else until we love ourselves, we cannot be true to anyone else until we are true to ourselves.

So where can you begin doing this? Simple! By not being afraid to be who you are! It takes courage to be yourself everyday in a world that tells you to be someone else. You are born to be real and not perfect. You’re here to be you, not to be what someone else wants you to be. Never trade your authenticity for anybody’s approval.

As they say, “Do not change so people like you. Be yourself, sp the right people will love the real you.”

When you are being true to yourself, you are completely honest with how you feel, what you deeply value and what you earnestly desire. Also, it means communicating your feelings and thoughts to yourself and others by expressing your true nature. When you do things that you do not truly associate with, you will not be happy with yourself. Rather a feeling of confusion would engulf you. You ask confusion. Yes, confusion! Because, you won’t know whom to please and how to go about it.

When you have the courage to stand by yourself against all odds, acting in harmony with your true nature, you develop a sense of respect for yourself. When you respect yourself, others start respecting you automatically. It is like a cycle. If you don’t value yourself, why would others take the pain? Everybody around you starts seeing you as someone who is strong and can stand up for your own beliefs and values irrespective of anything or anyone.

When you are true to yourself, you allow your individuality and uniqueness to shine through. You respect the opinions of others but do not conform to stereotypes or their expectations of you. You just stand by your belief and value system because you know it is the right thing.

Here’s what people do when they are not being true to their own-self. Avoid these-

  • Avoid procrastination. When you put things off, you know you are being stupid. And no matter what, you will have to accomplish that thing. Stop trying to put things off unnecessarily unless important. Deep down you are aware of this wrong-doing. Give it up right away.
  • Avoid justifying your decisions. If you have to justify anything, undoubtedly, it is not the right decision. If you choose not to do something and feel no need to justify yourself for making that choice, then you are staying true to your own desires.
  • Avoid ignoring your intuition. Remember that stir in your gut when you do something which is not in accordance with your desire or value system? Yeah, that’s intuition! This feeling you’re receiving is a gift and, instead of ignoring it, you should acknowledge it, listen to it, and you’ll realise that it was a better choice.
  • Stop giving powers to set your mood to someone/something else. You do it when you want validation. This is a when you stop trusting yourself because if you put your trust in someone else, you don’t really stand to be responsible for your own life or happiness.
  • Stop laughing at jokes you don’t find funny. We all have faced this situation at least once in our life when we had to laugh at some joke just to be polite. In reality, we had found that joke rude and not in accordance with our values and beliefs. We weren’t true to ourselves in that moment. Being true would mean standing by our belief and letting that person know, “this isn’t funny.”
  • Stop breaking promises that you make to yourself. Even if it is a small promise like – eating a dessert tonight, just fulfil it. This turns into an unconscious habit and chronically affects us leading us into not being true to ourselves.

Promise yourself today! That you’ll be true to yourself, doesn’t matter if nobody likes you that way. You should like who you are, and that’s all what matters. Because as long as you are true to yourself, you’ll always find happiness.

Nothing better than this quote to sum it up-

“Be yourself. Because the ORIGINAL is worth more than a COPY.”