The transition from school to college is probably the toughest transition we have to make in our life. Mainly, for most of us, this was/is the first major transition. Also, the lifestyle, learning process, eating habits, way of thinking, etc make a transition too. Let’s see how life changes and how to ensure that it’s a smooth transition.

  • In school life, everything is spoon-fed to the children. From providing additional notes of chapters to providing answers to home assignments, everything is made easily available to the students, for them to just cram it and score well in exams.
  • In college, you are on your own. There are no notes or answers provided by the Professors to ease the student’s job. You find your own notes, study yourself and work all by yourself to score decent marks. Lack of resources to prepare for exams tops the list which causes stress in freshers.
  • The schedule in schools is usually fixed at 8 am to 2 pm. It is predictable and not very flexible. Classes happen on working days within this time period.
  • The schedule in colleges is more flexible and unpredictable. There might be lectures whole day or there might be no lecture at all or there might be a huge break in between just two lectures.
  • In school, you might blame your teacher for not warning you for submitting that assignment on time or your parents for not waking you at time for school.
  • In college, you have to take up your own responsibility. Wake yourself up for that class at 8 am, Professors won’t remind you to submit your journals. You gotta own your shit!
  • In school, you may or may not participate in extra-curriculars. You can survive the school being a nerd.
  • College requires you to enrol yourself in extra-curricular activities for enhancing your Curriculum Vitae; otherwise your job prospects might get affected.


So, we see the transition is like an inversion of lifestyle, learning habits and thinking style. But don’t fear, this seemingly scary transition can be smoothened up. Here’s how-

  • Take good notes in class and consult professors for the books that could be consulted. This way you will have authentic & sufficient resources and you won’t be stressed about preparing for exams.
  • Organize your time well. There might be classes or no classes at all. Don’t waste your time lazing around in the campus. Utilise it for your studies or extra-curriculars. When in college, Time is what is hard to find.
  • Take responsibility for your own self. Make sure you complete assignments on time, attend sufficient lectures, manage your extras and provide yourself a good diet. Mommy won’t be around, to nag about everything, every time!
  • Make friends in your batch, they are of great help when you have to miss your lecture or in case of any doubt.
  • Keep in good touch with a few professors. If you can manage to keep in touch with all of your professors, it would be like cheery to the icing. Professors are the best guides when it comes to academic or any college related issue.
  • Join societies or sports teams. These help in development. And they make college fun.
  • Know your roommates. They are people you have to share your room with. Make yourself comfortable around them. Not having a good roommate, makes this transition troublesome.
  • Feel confident and good about this new beginning. “Well begun is half done.” Make efforts to make a good beginning and rest will take care of itself.


These are some tips you can follow to ensure a smooth transition. College life is probably going to be the best time of your life. Explore your horizons! Make it as constructive as possible. Don’t be fearful of the change, welcome this change with open arms. Unless you feel good about it, it is not going to be any good.

So, chin up and nail it! Goodluck.