Are you a health nut? Have you subscribed to too many health newsletters but finding them all redundant? Do you want to have some simplified information told to you in an orderly fashion? Then, you have landed up at right place.

Here are some healthy habits that you should try out if you wish to lead a productive lifestyle.

  • A 30 minute workout is good enough to keep you on track. To fulfil this, you can go to gym or do light workout at home. However, if you are not into this workout shizz, you can even go for a 30 minute long brisk walk session. The idea is to keep going. It’s that simple!
  • Nutritious diet. All of us know what is good for us and what foods should be avoided at all costs. We are what we eat, so if you want to be healthy, munch on nutritious things. Instead of snacking on a packet of chips, eat nuts or fruit/vegetable salad. Well, if you like baggy and over-sized clothes and would like oily skin or unfit physique, go ahead and gulp the junk!
  • Say NO to smoking and alcohol. Well, this one is really obvious but people do smoke when they are stressed and drink to relieve off the heat. This is not only unhealthy but is also not doing any good to help you stay away from stress. It might put the stress away for an hour or two but that’s surely going to come back after the chilling sessions gets over.
  • Stress comes when life doesn’t have a direction and tasks don’t have a priority. So, prioritize your tasks on the basis of their importance. Accomplish the top three most important tasks before going to bed. This will give a boost of confidence, a sense of accomplishment and would also keep stress at bay.

Spend time with your loved ones. This is the most widely accepted way of being in a happy state of mind. Spend time with your loved ones and nurture your relationship with them. They were there for you when nobody else was and will be there for you when nobody else will be. Their love is unconditional, so respect that and love them! Because a happy mind is the most productive of them all.