I’ve talked a lot about how some habits hold us back and stop us from achieving what we really want. Such habits stop us from being successful. So, this article is for everyone who is ready to give up such habits to be successful irrespective of his/her age.

Presenting to you, habits that need to be given up to be successful in life.

  • Give up perfection. Striving to be perfect isn’t a bad habit. But trying to impart perfection to each and every thing and making it an excuse is definitely a bad habit. What I mean by this is. Waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to do the task ‘perfectly’ isn’t going to help. This leads to procrastination. When we wait for the stars to align perfectly for that big task to be started, we should keep in mind that, this perfect time might never come. There will always be something that would require attention and lead to delay of this ‘to-be’perfect’ task. We might wait for our entire life just for the right time. Stop waiting for the right time. Start it right now with whatever resources you have. Don’t wait! Just give it your best.
  • Give up the excuses. “I will definitely do it after I come back from the movies.”, “Just one more episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. won’t do any harm.”, “Not in a mood right now, will do it later maybe.” So on and so forth. Excuses are endless. You will never be in a mood to work. You will always have something else on your plate. Get your priorities straight. Keep them in your mind. Realise that putting it off until later isn’t going to help. It has to be done by you, sooner or later. The more you delay, the greater would be the stress and the poorer the quality. Stress because of the looming deadline over head and degraded quality because of the need to do away with it somehow just on time.
  • Give up thinking about the past. The past has happened and it cannot be altered. Obsessing over the incidents from the past like past failures, past relationships etc. is just a waste of time. Trying correct the past is as useless as crying over the past mistakes. What has happened has happened. Take lessons from your past and move on. Obsessing over it, whining about it or crying over it isn’t going to help. Live in the moment and make the best out of the present.
  • Give up the blame game. Take full responsibility for your life. Pointing fingers towards somebody else might look easy but it is not constructive at all. Unless you own your mistake, you won’t be able to learn from that experience. Instead of blaming, realise what went wrong and work on finding solutions to that problem. When you blame, you put the onus of the doing on someone else and this in turn doesn’t add anything to your experience. You don’t make efforts to correct it because it was somebody’s else responsibility. So, own your life and whatever good or bad happens in it. Learn from your mistakes, improve yourself.
  • Give up not being true to yourself. Don’t do things that are ‘wrong’ according to your belief system. Don’t do things that your heart doesn’t like. Be true to your beliefs and to your heart. If you don’t like a joke that your boss made because it doesn’t align with your belief system, don’t laugh at it. Don’t portray what you are not. Your beliefs are what make you. Don’t do things that you do not like. Do what you really really want to do. Don’t do something because someone else told you to do. Staying true to yourself is the only thing that you should not compromise with.

Give up these habits and see how happy it makes you. Success comes to those who happily work for it. These habits not only make you happy but are also constructive in nature. Give them a try and you won’t regret.

Wish you luck! 🙂