“Simply put, you believe that things or people make you unhappy, but this is not accurate. You make yourself unhappy.”

It really is very easy to become a happy person. And it is very easy to rob yourself of happiness as well. So, in this article I’m sharing some happiness robbing habits and will try to suggest a fix as well. Read on to find out.


  • Waiting for the right time.

When we have a big task lined, we wait for the ‘perfect’ time because we don’t want to fail in it and we want all the perfection in it too. So, we wait and wait and wait for the right time to come and to take necessary actions. Is the right ever coming? Maybe.

What to do?

 Take small steps. Don’t have to make a giant leap forward. Take small steps one-by-one. Just get going about it. Don’t worry about perfection because if you single-task it with full concentration, it is definitely going to be perfect, trust me. Don’t wait – just do it!


  • Taking criticisms way too seriously.

When someone criticises you it is natural to feel bad about it. But the blunder we do is, we start doubting ourselves and cursing ourselves for the rejection or failure.

What to do?

Rejections or failure are not about your inability in anything. Don’t blame yourself. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Don’t let criticism get to your heart and eat up your self esteem and self confidence. Take criticisms positively and make it a point to learn from them.


  • Comparing your life to life of others.

 Comparisons never yield happiness because comparisons yield envy. What anybody else is doing or owns should be none of your business. Everybody has a different life story.

What to do?

Focus on your own self. Compare yourself to yourself and nobody else. Promise yourself to be a better version of yourself tomorrow, better than yesterday,  better than today. Focus on improving yourself and all else will follow.


  • Not giving yourself moments of peace.

 Giving yourself no peace will make you drained of energy and monotonous. Excitement and enjoyment gets sucked out of your life.

What to do?

Take regular and sufficient breaks. Utilize your breaks efficiently. Give yourself break from the cluttering around. Meditate or go into your silent space in that time. Whatever makes you feel relaxed and recharged to work till another break. Breaks ensure productivity and efficiency in our work. Make sure to use them wisely.


  • Not trying anything new.

 Getting on with your daily routine and denying changes makes life dull. Without excitement, life is worth dragging and nothing else. Imagine doing the same thing every day for the rest of your life. Creepy!

What to do?

Change is a necessity for excitement in life. Also, changes help us explore our horizons. Trying out something new gives us the sense of achievement, which makes us happy. Unless we try out different sizes of a shirt, how are we going to find the perfect match! So go ahead and try.


These are some habits worth noting, because they are robbing us of our happiness, consciously or unconsciously. Do you have any other in your mind? Do share!