Habits make you happy or sad. This implies happy habits make you happy and sad habits make you sorrowful and morose. So, if you want to lead a happy you might want to check out the happy habits mentioned below that almost all happy people share.

Check them out-

  • Spend time with loved ones. With our fast-paced lives and hectic schedules, we get so much involved with our work that we get to spend lesser time with our family and friends. To make it to the deadlines, we cut on the time that we would have spent with our friends, family, spouse or children. Time spent with the loved ones is free from stress and gives happiness because the bonds are real and unforced ones. The love is selfless and there are no demands or complaints so you can be your true self. Keep your work away from your personal life and spend quality time with your people. Don’t compromise your personal life for your work engagements. Don’t give up on your happiness for your deadlines.
  • Get involved in something you believe in. It can be anything from a religious group that brings you spirituality & peace to a society meant to support a social cause or a passion that you want to pursue. When you are involved in something that means so much to you, you feel happy from inside. Such engagements give purpose to your life, peace to your mind and happiness to your soul. There are activities that bring you money but rob you off your happiness. Don’t compromise your happiness for a handful of dollars. Money will definitely buy you luxury but it cannot buy you happiness. You might become a billionaire but if you aren’t happy, is it even worth it?
  • Reflect positively. In an urge to correct some undesirable outcomes, we end up focusing too much on the negative outcomes that we forget to positively reflect upon our successes. There is nothing bad in striving to correct the wrong but it is important to mindfully reflect on the good as well. Even if to correct them but if we keep focusing on the negative, we end up sidelining the positives. So much attention to the negatives will shift the paradigm of our focus on negativity, which in turn will degrade our performance and affect our happiness.
  • Utilise the resources that you have access to. Availability of all the resources does not ensure happiness but the way we utilize even the limited resources is what gives happiness. Often times, we get baffles when we see a handicapped person in pure state of happiness. We are forced to think “How could someone in a restricted physical state be so happy?” The answer is – because that person has accepted the reality and is utilizing the resources available to him/her for their happiness. The best example would be of Stevie Wonder, a blind who won 25 Grammy Awards in Music. You ask how? He exploited his sense of hearing to pursue his passion for music. Even in a limited availability of resources, we always have a choice, a choice to utilise it in a way that would give us happiness.

Create happy endings. A powerful ending can make a powerful impact. Think about watching a movie that had a good run throughout. Now imagine an ending for it that is next level tragic and sucks. Even if the storyline was captivating and the movie was interesting right before the climax, would you still recommend it to your friends? I guess NOT. Why? Because the experience will not be a happy one. People always remember the climax and happy endings give happy experiences. Same goes for life, always strive for happy endings whenever possible. Leave things on a good note, create happy memories, create happy experiences. Life is too short to be experiencing crap!