Think of all the task sitting on your TO-DO list that you want to get done, but haven’t started. How much time has tossed off since the moment you decided to start working on them and now? Are you making lame excuses to put off the task until eternity? Do you know that the task is not going to get done on its own? There is huge potential in you but if you keep on procrastinating, you are wasting that reservoir of potential in you and you are eligible to be called ‘Stupid’.

So, to help you out, I’m sharing a few anti-procrastination tips that would definitely help you to get going.

  • Keep fewer things on your plate. The more tasks you plan for yourself, the more likely you are to procrastinate. Keep fewer things planned for yourself in a day and keep yourself accountable for them. List out the top 3 tasks you want to get done in a day. Focus on them and get them done before you go to bed. The more achievable your goal seems, the more motivated you will be to accomplish them.
  • Do one thing at a time. When you do too many things at a time, you get stuck up in them because your energy gets drained away quickly. As a result, none of your tasks get completed. However, if you focus on doing one thing at a time, you will be able to move from task to another in a quicker way. The progress would be visible and you would be able to get a realistic count of the things you were able to complete successfully.
  • Do it now. Don’t aspire to grant perfection to your tasks. Perfectionism is another name of procrastination. When we want to make a thing perfect, we wait for the perfect time and the perfect resources, to accomplish the task perfectly. However, the stars will never align perfectly for you to get started with that task of yours and you would end up putting it off until eternity. So, just start now. Even if it turns out to be crappy, even if you don’t have the apt resources, even if the time isn’t ripe (because it never will be)- just do it, NOW! You can always make amends later. The key is to get started.
  • Realise the consequences. Putting off a task for the time being, might make you happy. But this happiness is temporary. You have to realise that the task you have postponed is still looming over your head. Sooner or later, you have to accomplish it all by yourself. Moreover, the looming deadline will rob you off your happiness and peace of mind. So, save yourself some pain and do it now. Always remember, procrastination is like a credit card, it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill.
  • Make yourself accountable. When you keep your goals to yourself, you are more likely to procrastinate. But when you tell the people around you about it, you become accountable for it. The people might include your family, friends, lovers or colleagues. If you make a commitment to these people then the shame of saying you didn’t try will outweigh the effort of doing it. So, establish your accountability by involving people in your tasks.

These pro-tips have helped me tackle procrastination and I’m sure they would help you too. Don’t forget to share your ninja tip against procrastination in the comments.

Good day! 🙂