Staying awake these days is easy. Shots of espresso, cups of cappuccino, hash-weed joints- there are so many options to choose from. These will definitely keep you awake but excessive amounts of caffeine, marijuana and other drugs will affect your health badly. This brings me to the main question- “Is there a way to stay awake without the usage of any drugs?”

Well, this article is all about 10 healthy or better yet drug-free ways of staying awake. Check them out.

  1. Cold water. This is a time-tested trick. Remember how teachers at school send children to wash their face when they dodge off in the middle of a class? Hands down, splashing cold water on your face can actually keep drowsiness at bay.
  2. The digestion process makes us feel sleepy because our body spends a huge amount of energy in digesting the food. Fasting can help if you want to stay awake. Just make sure that you compensate the production of acid in your stomach by drinking a lot of water.
  3. Jotting down. When you are feeling sleepy in the middle of an important work meeting, start writing the important take-a-ways of that meeting on a notepad or a sheet of paper. If there is nothing important to write, you can utilise the time by making a TO-DO list. This keeps our mind busy and distracts us from sleep.
  4. Use the unlimited data pack to watch a funny clip or a video of your favourite stand-up comedian. Laughing stimulates our mind and helps us stay wide awake.
  5. Get motivated. Often times we feel sleepy because we are bored and we don’t have a reason to be awake. Watch a motivational video over the internet or read a motivational blog to get that boost of motivation that would keep you going.
  6. Tickle the top of your mouth cavity. This is a little unusual but this actually works. Rubbing your tongue against the top of your mouth cavity create a tingling sensation in our mouth. This tickles the nerves and gives a jolt that is enough to keep you awake.
  7. Light it up. If you are working in a dark room, it is natural to feel sleepy because darkness promotes sleepiness. Switch on the lights of your room, light the corners up, this will help stay awake for a longer time.
  8. Nutritious snacks. Fruits like apple, berries that are rich in vitamins and minerals, nuts like almonds, walnuts that give energy are good to munch on when you feel sleepy. They don’t increase your weight and are great energy boosters too.
  9. Up-beat music. An upbeat music improves your mood, takes away the gloom and eliminates the drowsiness. Listen to some party or workout worthy music when you are feeling low or sleepy.

Get enough sleep. You will feel sleepy if you don’t sleep when you should have. Taking proper rest and sleep when you have time, definitely helps to pull all-nighters or to stay up till late when the need arises.