Black belts are white belts that never gave up


The basic difference between a black belt and a white belt-owning person is that the black belt-owning person didn’t give up against the intensifying efforts that were required to be put in by him/her. He kept challenging himself outside of his comfort zone. He continued training consistently without any hesitation or complaints. He was determined to earn that black belt and persevered despite all odds. In simple words, he didn’t quit.

On the other hand, the person wearing a white belt gave up easy when the intensity of efforts started to increase. He choose his comfort zone rather and never bothered to challenge himself. This person might have been a born genius but he chose not to face the difficulties, he chose not to learn. He gave up very early!

In life, this black belt description defines any person who sails through the difficulties but is determined to come out stronger when the storm ends. Those who give up in the face of adversities are left with the white belt.

Sharing with you, six black belt keys for success.

  • Work hard. There is no shortcut to success and the route involves work hard. Sweat it out because the more you sweat in practice the less you bleed in the final battle. Success doesn’t come easy. Hard work is the cost that you pay for it.
  • Learn from your mistakes. Each mistake has a lesson to offer. Learn the lessons and move on. Don’t stagnate because of a mistake. Mistakes are stepping stones to success. The more mistakes you make, the wiser you become because each mistake adds wisdom and experience.
  • Set goals. Unless you have a goal, what are you going to work for? Set a personal goal and work accordingly to achieve your goals. Otherwise you will end up making efforts over something that doesn’t even matter to you.
  • Don’t quit. This is the most important one. Winners never quit and quitters never win. If you give up, you are already out of the battle. What are you going to work for now? Be determined to achieve your goals despite all odds.
  • Find a mentor. A mentor is someone who has been in your shoes and survived. Such a person is full of advices and first-hand experiences. Learn from them and value their opinions.

Be consistent. Keep training yourself and never stop learning. Be consistent in your approach. Don’t try to complete a week’s work in a few hours nor fool yourself into doing a few hour’s work in a week. Be consistent. Take small but consistent steps towards your goal.