I have already talked about how some beliefs hold us back. They might have been taught to us, learned by us along our journey or whatever. We are better off without such beliefs, aren’t we? Here’s presenting to you, a few of such beliefs that the ineffective people hold onto.

  • “It’s a lot of work.” Wishing for an easier life deprived of new challenges is a symptom of ineffective people. Such people take challenges as hurdles in their path and run away from them. Effective people, however, take challenges as new opportunities to learn and explore. They don’t run away from them, they welcome them and consider them as stepping stones to success.
  • “I am not going to forgive.” Until you forgive, you are not going to move on. And unless you move on, you will be thinking about it each day each moment, wasting your precious time and energy over something that is not even worth it. Forgive them for your own self. Forgive but don’t forget the lesson you learnt from that particular experience.
  • “Starting over is not an option.” If something has gone wrong, starting over gives you a chance to rebuild it in a bigger and much better way. There is no shame or disgrace attached to it. Do it for your own self, for your own good because nobody else but you, are going to face the implications of dragging something unnecessarily if you don’t start over.
  • “My sufferings today will make my future happy.” No, just rip this thought out of your mind, right here right now. Don’t spoil your present thinking about the future. The future can be as happy as the present. It doesn’t require you to sacrifice your happiness today. Being happy is a way of living. Don’t give up on your present just because of an uncertain event in the future.
  • “I don’t know what I want.” Effective people clearly know the purpose of their life. They have it all planned and don’t just get along the flow. Until you know what you want, you would be purposelessly wasting your life over nothing. So, figure out what you want in your life and align your routine along it.


These are the beliefs that ineffective people live by. However, they can be turned around. So, which category do you want to be in? the choice is all yours! 😉